G4: Product and Service Labeling

Ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty continues to be a priority at Ingersoll Rand. Using a best practice of our Business Operating System (BOS), customer satisfaction is measured through the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) which includes a combination of calculations and weightings based on customer channel. The CSI measurement for our distributor channel for example is net satisfied and net delighted. For end user or direct customer, net satisfied, net promoter and net committed are applied. Attributes pertaining to the sales, product, delivery, and service experiences are measured and tracked to understand how to leverage strengths and where focus is needed to improve weaknesses.

Principles of the program model include “Listen, Interpret, React, and Monitor” which ensure that we gather the right customer feedback and use it to improve our customer’s experience with Ingersoll Rand. Since the implementation of the program (2006) Ingersoll Rand has experienced an upward trend for both distributor and direct customer results due to having a focused customer experience program.

In addition, it is our standard practice to comply with regulations and various voluntary codes concerning product labeling and service information, marketing communication and customer safety. Each business unit has a designated legal counsel who follows a process for addressing issues of non-compliance in these areas. Due to market differences, tracking of non-compliance related incidents in the areas of product labeling, marketing communication and customer safety is the responsibility of each business. As such, we do not collect this data or make general statements on this topic at the enterprise level.