Ingersoll Rand assists its employees in contributing both time and financial support to local nonprofit groups and community organizations. Our employees strive to match their engagement in the workplace with involvement in the communities in which we live and work. We believe a winning culture is one that assists employees in contributing both time and financial support to local philanthropies and community organizations.

We encourage our fellow employees to align their work as volunteers with environmental and social priorities around the world: energy efficiency; science, technology, engineering and math; nutrition and food waste reduction; and housing and shelter. Ingersoll Rand employees volunteered more than 19,000 hours in 2015, a 23 percent increase from 2014, to support our neighbors and strengthen our communities. Over the past five years, employee volunteerism hours have increased 69 percent, with a 23 percent improvement last year.

  • Ingersoll Rand: Building a Connection with the Next Generation

    Building a Connection with the Next Generation

    The Glocal (global + local) team at the Ingersoll Rand Compression Technologies and Services manufacturing site in the Unicov area of the Czech Republic has a multi-year vision to build a connection with local youth and encourage students to explore science, technology, engineering and math careers. The team’s first community project focused on the renovation of a playground and city park.

    “Cleaning up the playground and improving the safety and condition of the equipment was a great first step in building a relationship with our community,” says Pavlina Samankova, site Glocal champion. “Our team looks forward to more partnerships, increasing access to educational opportunities for our youth and developing a mentoring program.”

Our Glocal Program

Prominent among these initiatives is the Ingersoll Rand Glocal (global + local) program. The Center for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability (CEES) launched Glocal in 2014 to encourage our employees to partner with local nonprofits and community organizations as a way to advance Ingersoll Rand’s social sustainability efforts, nurture authentic engagement and improve local enterprise relations.

Glocal teams are focused on creating a self-help mindset that results in lasting change. Today’s Glocal sites can be found in China, Thailand and the Czech Republic. At each site, our employees serve as volunteers in efforts to address social challenges, building capability within the local communities aimed at making an enduring impact where our employees live and work.

Ingersoll Rand employees in China initiated our Glocal pilot program and were proud to create a framework for success worldwide. Today, employees at the Ingersoll Rand Engineering and Technology Center in Shanghai are working to strengthen the education system at Shuangcai School through capacity building with teachers, students, families and facilities. Employees at our manufacturing plant in Wujiang are investing in a community, partnering with local government and nearby companies to plant trees to combat air pollution. Taicang manufacturing plant employees are helping enhance learning at the Hengli School.

In Thailand, King Bhumibol Adulyadej has introduced a philosophy known as Sufficiency Economy over the past three decades. It promotes the idea that all people should live sustainably and in moderation, consuming what they produce and trading excess production to other communities.


    Real Tools for Schools

    Sponsored by the Ingersoll Rand Foundation and our Power Tools business, the Real Tools for Schools Program makes grants of up to $10,000 (USD) available to as many as 50 high school automotive technology vocational programs. In addition, Ingersoll Rand employees are partnering with participating high schools to deliver seminars, hands-on training, and learning enrichment experiences for students enrolled in automotive technician programs. Students are eligible to receive special discounts on Ingersoll Rand tool kits and individual tools up to six months after they graduate with a technical degree.

The Glocal Team at our Trane Thailand site chose a project at that would allow the community to learn more about Sufficiency Economy and put it into practice. Twenty Glocal volunteers helped with a facilities revamp at the Sufficiency Economy Learning Center. The Center attracts people from all over Thailand who may not normally have the means to learn about Sufficiency Economy, or the ability to put it into practice. Our Thailand plant manager regularly attends learning sessions at the Center.

Improvements included building walls and shelves to protect books and learning materials, installing lighting, and providing tables and chairs for training sessions. For its next project, the Thailand Glocal Team plans to build a food distribution center at the edge of a low-income housing complex near the Sufficiency Economy Center so community members coming to the facility can access inexpensive food.

With Glocal teams at work in China and Thailand, in 2015 we looked to our sites in Eastern Europe as a next logical step for growing the program. With a project vision for advancing environmental education for young people in and around Prague in the Czech Republic, employees at the Ingersoll Rand Engineering and Technology Center in that city formed a Glocal team to support social sustainability through a partnership with the Czech Union for Nature Conservation — a national organization with 350 local chapters around the country. This initial project focused on expanding a pathway and building a bridge at a local nature preserve.

At the same time, the Glocal team at our Compression Technologies and Services manufacturing site in the Unicov area of the Czech Republic focused on the renovation of a playground and city park, embarking on a long-term vision to build a connection with local youth and encourage students to explore science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers.

Employees at each of these Glocal team sites have built a foundation for corporate social responsibility, further underpinning Ingersoll Rand’s commitment to our sites, our people, and the communities in which we operate. The social action planning that has begun with Glocal teams serves as a model of the impact that our winning culture can have around the world.


    Bring Your Future Engineer to Work Day

    A team of Ingersoll Rand engineers, lab technicians, human resources representatives, sales team members and procurement leaders celebrated 2015 National Engineers Week by hosting our first annual “Bring Your Future Engineer to Work Day” at our campus in Davidson, North Carolina. The goals were to further our science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) outreach into the community and spark children’s interest in engineering careers. The STEM initiative aims at increasing the number of minorities in the field, and the event engaged participants from multiple cultures, genders and nationalities. A 7-year-old girl led the winning team in the egg drop contest with an egg that fell 105 feet without breaking.

  • ETC AP Glocal Green Team Sustains
    Local Students in Education

    As part of our Glocal (global + local) program, more than 20 volunteers from the Ingersoll Rand Asia Pacific Engineering and Technology Center (ETC AP) paid four visits to the Shuangcai Primary School in Jiangsu Province, China. Limited resources make it difficult to improve educational conditions and teaching capabilities at the school.

    Glocal volunteers installed two Trane air conditioners and a laptop computer, and conducted a computer operation training session for teachers. They visited nine poverty-stricken families to better understand their situations and needs, and presented scholarships to 36 students with excellent performance and nine students suffering from poverty. The volunteers also interacted with students in activities such as digital painting, movie watching and competitive games.

    “I am glad that I can provide personal support to those kids.” says Tina Hong, one of the Glocal volunteers who joined the activity with her daughter. “In this program, my daughter and I have established true friendship with the school’s students. She is more than willing to help those diligent ‘brothers and sisters’. More than that, she also cherishes a lot of the life she enjoys now. I hope such kind of meaningful activity can be continued.”