Creating and sustaining a safety-focused, zero-incident culture is a top priority for all of us at Ingersoll Rand. This commitment starts with our CEO and is pervasive across the entire organization.

Ingersoll Rand manufactures a variety of products per the business portfolio. Typical manufacturing sites have 234 to 240 production days per year. Ingersoll Rand also offers service and installation at customer locations, and may be called upon 24/7 and 365 days per year. The company’s employees, including supervised contract employees, worked a total of 88,600,000 hours in 2015. In spite of the inherent challenges employees face in manufacturing processes and customer locations, we continued to drive down injury rates in 2015 into the ranks of world class performance. In 2015, we achieved an 18 percent reduction in Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR), and an even more impressive 44 percent reduction in Lost Time Incident Rate (LTIR). The company experienced zero work-related fatalities in 2015.

In 2015, our injury prevention efforts were heavily focused on two major contributors to injuries, 1) ergonomic risk factors, and 2) unsafe behaviors that lead to injuries. Building on the three pillars of people, process and systems, we drove standard work for both Ergonomics and Behavior Based Safety (BBS). With overwhelming support from the leadership team, we achieved a 17 percent reduction in ergonomic-related injuries in 2015, and we anticipate continued reductions as engineering improvements are completed in the workplaces. Everyone at Ingersoll Rand is responsible for their own safety and implementation of the BBS program is taking us to the next level of performance. Our BBS program is building a better culture of ownership where employees feel responsibility for their coworkers’ safety as much as their own safety. The BBS program establishes a worldwide structure to promote open discussions with management regarding work-related hazards and safety issues. In responding to this year’s employee engagement survey, 92 percent of employees stated they believe Ingersoll Rand is committed to employee safety.

We communicate our safety expectations through quarterly CEO town hall meetings as well as monthly EHS meetings at both the facility and service organization levels. These meetings raise awareness of safety compliance issues and provide our employees with opportunities to share best practices.

  • Ingersoll Rand: 6 Million Hours without a Lost Time Injury

    6 Million Hours without a Lost Time Injury in Wujiang, China

    “Safety is number one for our people, and zero tolerance is the standard,” says Wang Jun, manager of our manufacturing plant in Wujiang, China. The Wujiang team’s latest safety achievement is proof of that – six million hours worked without a lost time injury, spanning nearly three years. Wujiang becomes the second facility in the Ingersoll Rand Compression Technologies and Services business to reach this performance level. In addition to air compressors, employees at the plant also build Club Car products and, Thermo King truck refrigeration units, bus air conditioners and containers.

World-Class Performance Graphic
Incident Metrics
North America Europe, Middle East, Africa Asia Latin America Total
Total Recordable Cases 269 38 19 18 344
Total Lost Workday Cases 33 3 1 6 43
Total Days Away From Work 1,349 183 4 486 2,022
Total Recordable Cases 329 43 26 19 417
Total Lost Workday Cases 53 11 6 3 73
Total Days Away From Work 2,284 901 382 102 3,669
Total Recordable Cases 296 35 14 28 373
Total Lost Workday Cases 47 10 4 6 67
Total Days Away From Work 1,710 123 155 54 2,042