Green Teams

Our employees around the world have long been engaged in community projects that enhance the environment and quality of life. Established in 2011, the Ingersoll Rand Green Team network, which currently consists of nearly 100 teams across the globe, is the centerpiece for these efforts. Green Team members collaborate internally and work in partnership with community groups to advance our sustainability objectives.

Ingersoll Rand Green Teams initiated a wide range of activities in 2015, encompassing sustainability awareness, education and operational improvement. Major areas of focus included climate change mitigation and reductions in solid waste and energy and water use. Our employee sustainability initiatives saved an estimated 9.4 billion BTUs of energy and 917 metric tons of CO2 emissions, while also saving 745,000 gallons of water.

In 2015, we established a process to measure the total number of employees participating in sustainability or community related activities to support our 2020 goal of 75 percent. We are working to continue increasing employee participation and engagement in sustainability-related actions in 2016 and beyond. Our Green Teams are a catalyst for this initiative.

2015 Green Team Accomplishments

Green Team accomplishments over the past five years are summarized in the table below:

Number of Employees participating in Green Team activities 11,347
Total energy saved due to Green Team activities 95.6 Billion BTUs
Total CO2 reduced 3,520 Metric Tons
Total waste diverted from landfill 5.3 Million Pounds
Total water saved due to Green Team activities 802 Thousand Gallons
Total estimated $ saved due to Green Team activities $1.3 Million (USD)