Normalized Water Withdrawals (cubic meters/million USD of net revenue)
Water Used
2015 315
2014 313
2013 300
Absolute Water Withdrawals (cubic meters)
Water Used
2015 4,197,567
2014 4,035,326
2013 3,710,553
Wastewater Permit Exceedences (number of exceedences)
Water Used
2015 5
2014 4
2013 16

The world is running out of clean, fresh water, making it vital to reduce water consumption in our operations.

We track our water use at the facility level on a monthly basis through our GenSuite environment management system. The system’s Water Watch module also tracks compliance to environmental permits related to our water emissions and reporting requirements. We use the World Resources Institute Water Risk Atlas Tool to compare our company water use at active manufacturing facilities with validated regional water availability data.

Facilities are mapped to estimate the number and location of sites that could be impacted by water stress now and in the future. We are executing a number enterprise water management policies at the facilities level. For example, in 2015 our Trane facility in Waco, Texas, committed to a significant reduction in water use. By eliminating process water in manufacturing and upgrading building plumbing and landscaping, the team reduced water use in 2015 per equivalent unit of production by 12 percent.