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    ARO Celebrates 85 Years

    ARO™, our Fluid Management business, marked its 85th anniversary in 2015 with events for more than 1,000 employees at nine locations around the globe. “We’re celebrating the legacy of ARO and what it stands for – building reliability and trust into every pump and part we manufacture,” says Oakley Roberts, vice president of product management at Ingersoll Rand Fluid Management. “We’re also looking forward with new products such as ARO’s new integrated pump controller, which adds intelligence and connectivity to air-operated pumps never before seen in our markets.”

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    Thermo King Receives European Rail Industry Certification

    Thermo King’s Kolin, Czech Republic, team ended a two-year journey when it passed Europe’s International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) 2.1 certification audit. Based on ISO 9001, IRIS certification adds more demanding requirements specific to heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment for the rail industry.

    “To pass the audit we had to meet arduous requirements in production, purchasing, internal audits, design and development. Having this certificate provides us with a real competitive advantage and we expect to see project growth due to this accomplishment,” says Miroslav Platenka, Thermo King quality manager in Kolin.

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    Smarter and More Connected

    Things work better when they’re smarter and more connected, and our product portfolio is proof. In addition to Trane Building Advantage and the Ingersoll Rand MR150, Club Car’s Precedent i3 golf car features a cloud-based system that streams location, condition and diagnostics information 24/7 to customers about their fleet. For homeowners, our Nexia™ smart home system delivers the convenience to monitor and control temperature, locks, lights and even garage doors from virtually anywhere. Nexia diagnostics provide residential HVAC dealers with real-time data about how systems are performing and can prompt action to keep comfort on track. Nexia diagnostics dashboard provides residential HVAC dealers with real-time data about how systems are performing, prompting action to help keep comfort on track. Thermo King SLXe™ trailer refrigeration products sold in Europe have a patented geo-fencing controller that automatically switches the unit into low-noise mode when entering a controlled zone.

  • New ARO Station Pumping System Minimizes Hazards

    Ingersoll Rand introduced the ARO Station, a pumping system developed for the European market designed to reduce leaks and fumes during chemical transfer from one container to another. Standing independently from a truck, the ARO Station is designed to protect operators as well as the environment during the transportation of chemicals and other hazardous materials.

    Utilizing a standardized skid size that reduces integration costs, the ARO Station combines an ARO pump and piping in a compact, durable housing. It can be used as a free-standing pumping system or equipped with wheels for mobility. ARO offers three add-ons to increase environmental and operator safety: a leak detector, a heater to prevent freezing and an alarm that monitors the level of liquid in the tank and whether the system is running dry.

  • Ingersoll Rand Expands Asia Pacific Engineering and Technology Center

    Our Asia Pacific Engineering and Technology Center (ETC), located in Shanghai, China, doubled its laboratory footprint in 2015. The expanded Shanghai center positions Ingersoll Rand as a research and development leader in the Asia Pacific region. It is accelerating our speed to market in the development of innovative Trane and Thermo King heating, ventilation and air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC-R) technologies that meet the region’s national regulatory codes, while also enabling us to serve our customers more quickly and efficiently.

    Ingersoll Rand founded the Asia Pacific ETC in 2003, establishing a world-class laboratory for HVAC-R technology development, as well as facilities for production and operational technical support. The facility houses engineers who collaborate closely with Ingersoll Rand colleagues worldwide. Over the past 12 years the Asia Pacific ETC has produced numerous business development and product innovations, including localization of the world’s leading efficient centrifugal chiller and 49 patent awards in China and globally. It is the first Ingersoll Rand ETC to receive ISO17025 certification.

  • Club Car Launches New 2016 Carryall Utility Vehicles

    We understand the budget and staff reductions, increased workloads, tighter regulations and other business constraints our Club Car customers face, and introduced a new line of 2016 Carryall vehicles to address these challenges. Available in gas, diesel and zero-emissions electric models, these small but high-performing vehicles cost less to operate and can be used in lieu of larger, less efficient and more expensive pickup trucks.

    Gas models feature an electronic fuel injection engine that delivers more horsepower while requiring less fuel and maintenance than competitive vehicles. Zero-emissions electric Carryalls are built with heavy-duty controllers and motors, and can be equipped with an energy-efficient charger that issues alerts to prevent dead batteries. All Club Car Carryalls feature rustproof, corrosion-resistant aluminum frames designed to be more durable than steel frames. In addition to delivering superior performance, power, versatility and savings, they provide owners greater peace of mind with the best overall warranty in the industry.

  • Ingersoll Rand Expands Line of Precision Fastening Tools with QX Series High Torque Angle Wrench

    Ingersoll Rand expanded its QX Series™ of cordless power tools for assembly markets by introducing the High Torque Angle Wrench − a cordless, right-angle fastening tool designed to increase efficiency and productivity for assembly manufacturing. It features a wireless connectivity option that integrates the tool and the assembly line into a true plant-wide network with managed data, process control and the ability to adjust tool configurations in real time.

    “Advanced manufacturing methods and new materials demand higher torque, speeds and accuracy for fastening parts, whether in the heavy equipment, light manufacturing, automotive, or aerospace sectors,” says Brian Welborn, global channel marketing leader, Ingersoll Rand Power Tools. “Our assembly manufacturing customers also asked for power tools that get the job done right, the first time. With its traceability and connected technology options, our QX Series High Torque Angle Wrench ensures quality in the assembly process with diligent tracking mechanisms while delivering comfort, accuracy and reliability.”

  • W5330 Impactool™ Notches Another Innovation Award for Ingersoll Rand

    Another Ingersoll Rand power tool has earned recognition for innovation. Our W5330 cordless right-angle Impactool™ won a 2015 innovation award in the Power Tools category from Professional Tool and Equipment News (PTEN) magazine. Its lightweight design and patent-pending inline battery allow the W5330 to reach spaces once only accessible to a traditional ratchet or a technician’s bare hands.

    PTEN awards recognize outstanding companies whose products respond to the automotive repair industry’s market challenges with creativity and innovation. Last year the Ingersoll Rand R3130 cordless ratchet wrench won the same honor, following an award for the pneumatic version of the W5330 the previous year, positioning us at the forefront in both pneumatic and cordless power tool technologies.

  • Kinetic Series Lever Hoist Named Product of the Year

    Plant Engineering magazine named the Ingersoll Rand KL Kinetic Lever Hoist its product of the year for 2014 in the material handling systems category. It is a lightweight, compact hoist built to minimize the manual effort required by the user, which makes for an overall smoother operation. The KL Kinetic Lever Hoist is ideal for industrial and manufacturing applications in refineries and in the construction, power generation, ship building and workboat markets. The lifting capacity of the lever chain hoist ranges from .75 to 9 metric tons (1,653 to 19,841 pounds).

    “This is great recognition and an important third-party endorsement for the Kinetic Lever Hoist,” says Cleve Pechuekonis, global product leader for industrial lifting, Power Tools business unit of Ingersoll Rand. “Not only is Plant Engineering magazine a respected source of information and influence in the industry, but the winners of these awards are chosen by the readers of the magazine themselves. Being rated above the many other fine products in competition in the category is a real tribute to the talents of our product development team.”

  • Ingersoll Rand Introduces Revolutionary Compressed Air and Gas Technologies

    Acquiring the assets of Cameron International Corporation’s Centrifugal Compression division early in 2015 enabled us to enhance our offering in air separation, process gas and highly-specified engineered air markets. During the year we launched a range of new centrifugal, rotary compressors and air treatment products designed to advance the reliability, productivity and energy efficiency of compressed air and gas systems. They include:

    • RS-Series Contact-Cooled Rotary Screw Air compressors.
    • A line of three new dryers, including the Ingersoll Rand Sub-Freezing Air Dryer (SFD), XL series refrigeration air dryers and Ingersoll Rand D1800IB – ABV advanced heated blower.
    • The TURBO-AIR NX 12000 Centrifugal Compressor.
    • TURBO-DRI Air Treatment portfolio.

    “We’ve invested in broadening our portfolio, enhancing our energy-efficient solutions and building on our proven record of reliability, and the results of these efforts are evident in the new compressors and air treatment products we launched this year,” says Todd Wyman, Ingersoll Rand senior vice president and president, Compression Technologies and Services. “These new products are engineered to excel with digital connectivity and next-generation materials that deliver our customers top-tier performance, reliability and energy efficiency.”