GRI G4 Material Aspect

Our Materiality Assessment indicates that our success in delivering Base of the Pyramid solutions is an issue of significant importance to both our stakeholders and Ingersoll Rand. We recognize that there is a great opportunity to innovate solutions locally for the underserved – those living on less than $2.50 (USD) a day – and are committed to addressing social and environmental imperatives to assist in expanding energy and other resource efficiency knowledge in developing regions.

A key focus is low-cost cooling. An estimated 700 million outdoor workers globally earn less than $5 (USD) a day. Due to harsh environmental conditions, they are typically subjected to heat stroke during summer days. Heat strokes often results in dizziness, cramps and convulsions, and if untreated immediately may result in death.

According to recent studies, these outdoor workers lose about 8 man-days on an average in a year due to heat stroke across the globe and typically spend about $10 (USD) on medical expenses. The immediate need for these workers is low cost and sustained respite from extreme heat.

As a leading cooling solution provider with a global commitment on sustainability, Ingersoll Rand is addressing this problem for the Base of the Pyramid population. One of our engineering teams is currently working on an innovative and affordable evaporative cooling solution, using a specially designed wearable technology.