G4: Energy

Ingersoll Rand truly makes its mark on the global environment through the products, services and solutions it delivers in markets around the world. Industrial energy demand, for example, is projected to increase as much as 44 percent over the next 20 years. Our success in the marketplace leads to reduced energy use and lower greenhouse gas emissions in buildings and in the transport and industrial sectors.

Whether for comfort, commerce or manufacturing, moving air consumes a large amount of energy – up to 60 percent of a building’s overall energy use. HVAC and compressor systems alone are estimated to account for up to 30 percent or more of the energy consumed by commercial and industrial facilities. Ingersoll Rand is delivering higher levels of energy efficiency across a wide range of HVAC, compressor and industrial process applications.

At the same time, Ingersoll Rand products and services are continuing to help reduce the global problem of food spoilage. It is estimated that nearly $1 trillion (USD) of food is wasted every year, with much of the loss occurring during transport. We design and manufacture the transportation industry’s most advanced refrigeration and temperature control solutions, as well as auxiliary power units that reduce engine idling.