Product-driven Growth

Our product development strategy is driven by innovation. We work to stimulate innovation throughout the organization, capitalizing on the diverse experiences and perspectives that teams bring to bear in generating new ideas. We approach potential customer solutions objectively, consider ideas from any source and recognize that the seemingly impossible may in fact be achievable.

Developing new products, however, requires more than open minds. The other essential element is disciplined execution. Our business operating system ensures this discipline. It provides the people on our teams with standard processes and tools for achieving excellence in both growth and operational performance.

There is no better example of how the Ingersoll Rand business operating system supports a winning culture than our product growth teams (PGTs). Bringing together leaders in product management, global integrated supply chain (GISC) and engineering, PGTs exemplify our value stream transformation. They align these functions around the company’s key initiatives to achieve a common goal: to grow market share and expand margins for their products and services.

PGT-led value streams cover a significant portion of the Ingersoll Rand portfolio. They are generating insights into customers’ needs through a disciplined market segmentation and activation process. They are making informed strategic choices about where to invest resources and about how to win in ways to deliver growth in our product and service portfolio.