Ingersoll Rand is strategically committed to addressing the growing global demand for energy and its effects on the environment. Our products, services and solutions are focused on heating, cooling and automating homes and buildings, enhancing commercial and industrial productivity, and keeping transported food safe and fresh.

We are making rapid progress in reducing the climate impact of our portfolio. At the same time, we are working to create a culture in which best practices for reducing emissions are pervasive while transforming the company’s operations to enhance our energy efficiency.

The Ingersoll Rand Climate Commitment is the centerpiece for these efforts. We are publicly committed to significantly increasing energy efficiency and reducing environmental impacts from our operations and product portfolio by 2030, with key milestones specified for 2020. We are advancing high-performance, lower greenhouse gas emitting solutions for our customers, while reducing the carbon footprint of our facilities and fleet.

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Steering a large company toward environmental responsibility involves changing employee behavior. Success only happens when people are passionate, educated and engaged in making positive changes on an individual level. We encourage all Ingersoll Rand employees to incorporate sustainable practices into their lives at work and in their communities. The core of this effort is a repeatable framework for successful energy efficiency improvement and water, waste and greenhouse gas emissions reduction, including tools, templates and guides that can be implemented and measured consistently across our organization.

We also empower our employees with voluntary training opportunities designed to make the issues of climate change and resource depletion relevant to their day-to-day roles outside of the workplace. An employee who understands the impact of recycling or installing LED lighting at home or in the community is more likely to bring these behaviors back to their job, thus strengthening the practice of environmental stewardship in our business.

Our people join in community projects that enhance the environment and quality of life. For example, five years ago we established the Ingersoll Rand Green Team network, which currently consists of more than 85 teams across the globe. Collaborating internally and partnering with community groups to advance our sustainability objectives, Green Teams have made significant contributions in a number of areas, including climate change mitigation and reductions in solid waste and energy and water use.